Insurance Planning

Protect your loved ones.

Protect your loved ones and your assets against any unforeseen events.
Insurance Planning

Why having an Insurance Plan
is better than just having insurance?

01 Being Prepared

Being prepared for the unexpected will ensure that you can still reach your financial goals after facing a an unexpected crisis. With the right insurance policy, as part of your overall financial plan, you don’t have to empty empty your emergency fund.

02 Protecting your loved ones

Insurance can also protect your loved ones if you’re injured in an accident, become sick or disabled or die. Certain situations can be expensive for those without coverage, so it’s important to purchase any policy you need based on your financial situation.

Consider this retiree's story

A client recently passed away and had a $450,000 balance left in their RRSP account was included in their income and had to pay $240,885 in tax on this money (53.53%).

Years before, we addressed this in their Insurance Plan and set up a $250,000 life insurance policy to pay this tax and ensure their hard-earned money went to those they cared about and not to tax.

insurance plan story
Becker Hillier Financial Planning Inc as our financial planner has been invaluable in helping our family save for our future. He has shared information, passed on educational materials and gone above and beyond to make sure we have our needs met with his services. He is always ready to answer questions and one thing we appreciate most about Steve is his commitment to teaching financial stewardship with a Christian worldview. He is a man of integrity who I trust with our money
– Kathy & Dave Boelsma

Get an Insurance Plan
that fits your unique situation.

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