Retirement Planning

Retire with confidence.

A step-by-step to help ensure you have the retirement income to fuel your goals through retirement.
Retirement Planning
Retirement planning

Retirement Planning

After years of hardwork, will
you have enough?

Retirement is the most important investing goal and the one that causes people the most anxiety.

Confidently take control of your retirement income.

You want to feel confident that you are making smart choices and you want to find a Financial Planner who you can trust to guide you in the right direction.

That’s where we come in; to help you make more confident and informed financial decisions for your future.

Wherever you are with your plans, we’ll help break down the retirement dilemma into smaller, bite-sized pieces.

Under 50

Saving & committing to the future you deserve.

We’ll prioritize your savings goals from planning for retirement, paying off your debt to creating an emergency fund.
Ages 50+

Preparing for an exciting retirement.

The reassurance you’re doing everything you should today to ensure you have more money for retirement.
Ages 65+

Making your hard savings last.

Making your retirement money last can be complicated—and it’s important to make the right decisions that will help your savings last.
We appreciate the attention given by Becker Hillier Financial Planning Inc. to practically all our investments in GIC's, RRIF's and Mutual Funds, TFSA's, over the past many years. His direction and planning has been very worthwhile to my husband and I.
– Lena & James Bobier
Take Control of your Retirement Income

What should you be thinking
when planning your retirement strategy?

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